The Doll People: Pat Henry

The Doll People is a regular feature that highlights individuals in the doll community.

Patricia Henry is well known within the doll collecting community as the creator and editor in chief of one of the industry's top doll publications, Fashion Doll Quarterly. She was an early supporter of my work, and works aggressively behind the scenes to keep doll collecting relevant, exciting, and innovative.

1. Name, and where to find you! Pat Henry -- website: / instagram: pathenry14/ Twitter/pathenry14

2. Where are you based - New York City

3. Dolly Career Title - Collector/Artist/Photograher/Blogger/Teacher/Student/Author/Critic

4. Day Job- Publisher of FDQ, a fashion doll collector's magazine/Adjunct Asst. Professor of Photography @ The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.   

5. Current Doll Obsession - Kingdom Doll

6. Current Non Doll Obsession- Old Fashions (The cocktail), Wolf Alice (The Band), Vintage Dior, Game of Thrones.

7. Name something you're doing tomorrow - Photographing a select group of one of a kind dolls from a Gene collector's estate.

8. Name and type of your first doll you remember loving- Titian Swirl Ponytail Barbie Doll.

9. How do you get to sleep - Lay down. Done.

10. When I play with my dolls I draw, shoot, write, obsess. Repeat. 

11. Name 3 past doll obsessions - Gene Marshall, Tyler Wentworth, Volks Super Dollfie 16.

12. Greatest Dolly Extravagance - Selling exclusive dolls through the magazine.

13. Favorite TV show of the moment- "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"

14.  Favorite Era of Barbie- 1964-1968

15. Social Media of Choice- Facebook...moving quickly to Instagram.

16. My Friends and Family think my hobby is my passion and my job.

17. Favorite way to find/discover/buy new dolls - The interwebs!

18. Music of the Moment - Triple J "Unearthed" radio show from Australia.

19. Describe your dream doll- Kingdom Doll's Brighton and Brunel are fulfilling my "classic" and "edgy" needs in my collection.

20. Do you collect non doll things? - Film, Fashion, Photography, & Books.


 - Monster High- Love--very clever concept!

- Doll Customizing- Meh, so few do it well.

- The Kardashians- Hate

- Ever After High- Meh

- Selfies- Hate

- Barbie- Love, always will.

- Game of Thrones-Love.

- BJDs- Love, jointing has made dolls work on an entirely new level.

- Beyonce-Meh.

- Tonner- Love, Marley has been a wonderful surprise.

- Ebay- Hate; I prefer selling directly on my site.

- Integrity- I loved the early years of Fashion Royalty.

- Disney Princesses- Loved them on film. Memes and dolls, not so much.

- Cats Allergic; I am a doll Person.

- Blythe- Like.