Heroes & Villains : Masters of The Universe

A few years ago I was invited to contribute some artwork to a charity event hosted by David Mason Chlopecki and Bradford Shellhammer called Skeletor Saves. I was knee deep in dolls for Galeries Lafayette at the time, but I couldn't resist doing something- He Man & the Masters of the Universe and its sister show, She-Ra, have long been one of my deepest points of reference and inspiration. 

I decided to create a series of illustrations based off a selection from the wide cast of villains and heroes, but since I have always drawn more women than men, I wasn't sure if I was up to the challenge. To my surprise, once I started drawing I couldn't stop-- all I had to do was find the softer side of these hypermasculine beasts, and in a strange way-- many of them feel like portraits of many young men I have known. Look forward to more in this series, as well as some Etherian beauties in the future...and Danny won't let me rest until I make a muscle doll who can live in some of these costumes! Which hero or villain from your favorite show would you like to see re-imagined AY style? 

-- Andrew