Being a huge Masters of the Universe Fan, I was thrilled to see SUPER7’s Comic Con pop-up “Skeletors Lair. ”

This pop-up offered nostalgia rich merch that few people could say no to. By bringing us “What-if” Collaborations that hit home with the adult consumer, they breathe continuing life to the Masters line. 

This year brought us amazing pieces such as “Mossman Chia Pet”- a terracotta recast of the classic Mattel figure, ready to blossom into your very own Chia Master of the Universe.

Also a riff on Mattel’s pocket sized M.U.S.C.L.E figures, little guys I would trade and throw at childhood friends/enemies. By adding “M.O.T.U.S.C.L.E” they gave us pint sized versions of classic characters.



If you’ve moved beyond figures, but still hold that boyhood candle, they offered a sensible and AWESOME glassware set featuring the original painted figure art of Skeletor’s league of goons.

Super 7 first hit my radar with their ReAction collection, a partnership with Funko. This line of toys riffs off the beloved Kenner 3 ¾ scale figure that found it’s way into my heart with the original Star wars figures.

ReAction re-imagines 80’s, 90’s and contemporary TV franchises in this traditional toy scale, giving us toys from basically EVERY film that Funko has a license to. This really hit a special note for me. Brands like Super7 play the fanboy’s heart strings with precision by offering would-be-never-was products and then some.

This bodes well for toy lovers:

In the 21st century, there is nothing too childish. But will your interest eventually grow up?