The Patchwork Girls

“Whee, but there’s a gaudy dame ! Makes a paint-box blush with shame.  Razzle-dazzle, fizzle-fazzle !  Howdy-do, Miss What’s-your-name ? “

-L. Frank Baum, The Patchwork Girl of Oz 

We love a little OZ! When we re-discovered this little gem of a character, while cleaning my childhood room, it made our cogs turn.

The Oz books have long held their place as the penultimate American Fairy Tale, creating a mythology that has lived on stage, screen, and a myriad of doll interpretations and merchandise opportunities. The Patchwork Girl, however, a much beloved character by those who know the series, has never found her spotlight in any of the genres outside of the books themselves--even though she is said to be the inspiration for Raggedy Ann and Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas. Only appearing in modern media by way of an original Mickey Mouse club CBS Walt Disney special, “The Rainbow Road to Oz”, and a title film directed by Baum himself in 1913, it would take until this moment for the Patchwork Girl to shine again in a stand alone light.

L. Frank Baum was leagues ahead of his time with his creation. She is a proto-feminist, independent woman, kaleidoscopic counterpart and love interest to the Scarecrow. Imbued with an abundance of magic, life, creativity, the Patchwork Girl is loaded with brains and sass for plenty of adventure.

Designed for self-expression and play and riffing on the classic rag-doll, the AY Patchwork Girls infuse the essence, vibrant look, and girl power attitude of OZ into a re-imagined, high-end take on up-cycling. Taking form from Andrew’s classic couture, clothed bodied fashion dolls, the Patchwork Girls repurpose lustrous printed fabric remnants and reimagines them into modern, pose-able art objets, in a playful, chic and totally hands on fashion doll. We want you to style, design and get in touch with that inner play. The Patchwork Girls can fit in most 1/6th scale clothes and wear 16” doll sized shoes for virtually endless re-styling and play. Their yarn hair has the perfect body for hair styling, braiding and clipping. Or take a note from Andrew’s style notebook and create your own clothes from your choice of materials that are ripe for a new life!


- For the complete set of images of the debut collection of The Patchwork Girls, click here. For available Patchwork Girls for purchase, click here.