The Doll People: Ning Lau

The Doll People is a new weekly entry highlighting some of the amazing individuals within the doll community. 

Ning Lau with some of her creations front row at a fashion show. 

Ning Lau with some of her creations front row at a fashion show. 

I first met Ning Lau when I traveled to Hong Kong for one of my first major doll exhibitions with Joyce Boutique. Amidst the craziness of putting together the window and event, Ning pulled me aside and mentioned to me that she was, herself, an avid doll collector, which explained why she ordered one of my Kouklitas in advance! 

Flash forward a few years later, and Ning pops up on my instagram feed, having created a stunning and creative doll line of her own. As one of my favorite Doll People, I thought it only fitting she be the first to answer my questionnaire!

1. Name, and where to find you! website: / instagram: @ninglau/

2. Where are you based - Hong Kong

3. Dolly Career Title - Doll Artist 

4. Day Job- Founder of a beauty and digital platform.  

5. Current Doll Obsession - My dolls, doll props, and doll house

6. Current Non Doll Obsession- Nothing really... 

7. Name something you're doing tomorrow - Work, meetings, making dolls at night... 

8. Name and type of your first doll you remember loving- Cabbage Patch Kids 

9. How do you get to sleep - Drink Enough

10. When I play with my dolls I am distressed. 

11. Name 3 past doll obsessions - Boudoir doll, Bradley Doll, Lenci Doll. 

12. Greatest Dolly Extravagance - Their furniture and props are the same price of real furniture. 

13. Favorite TV show of the moment- None

14.  Favorite Era of Barbie- I only like porcelain Barbie, I have one. 

15. Social Media of Choice- Too many! 

16. My Friends and Family think my hobby is crazy! 

17. Favorite way to find/discover/buy new dolls - Instagram #hashtags! 

18. Music of the Moment - Juno Mak

19. Describe your dream doll- Life sized, so I can buy them the latest season's fashions! 

20. Do you collect non doll things? - I collect a lot of things and I put them together in a book published in 2012, My Treasures. It was distributed in Colette Paris, Corso Cormo Milan and Hong Kong. I collect Hermes Kelly Bags, Martin Margiela Era stuff, paper dolls, Dries Van Noten, Little Twin Stars…etc. My mom even said I collect everything except money….!


 - Monster High (dislike….)

- Doll Customizing (love!!!!) 

- The Kardashians (not interested) 

- Ever After High (cute?)

- Selfies (enjoy!)

- Barbie (no) 

- Game of Thrones (beautiful)

- BJDs (sometimes) 

- Beyonce (respect) 

- Tonner (transversatile) 

- Ebay (expensive) 

- Integrity (great) 

- Disney Princesses (childhood) 

- Cats (ok)

- Blythe (1972)